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Our Mission

The mission of the Engineering Student Council is to represent the engineering student body; support engineering societies in reaching their full potential; and promote a diverse community through successful collaboration between students, faculty, societies, and the College of Engineering.

Community Support

Empowering our core community to explore diverse opporunities in engineering sciences.

Community Events

Hosting interactive speaker sessions, conferences, and activities to strengthen our networks and to encourage professional development.

Student Engagement

Empowering students to take active roles in spanning new directions of engineering, technology, and science.

Executive Committee

Jingting Wu

I'm a fourth year chemical engineering student and I love semiconductors. I was born in China and currently, my home is St. Louis, MO but I have lived in San Diego as well. I love engaging in Berkeley’s engineering community and I hope to improve other people’s experiences here at Berkeley. Besides school, I enjoy eating, watching basketball and football, playing any sport recreationally and dance (shoutout to AFX Dance :)

Edgar Salgado

I’m a third year Economics and IEOR double major. I am an international student from Monterrey, Mexico. Finance, soccer, innovation and politics are among my major interests. I also really enjoy cooking and traveling. Feel free to contact me for anything you might need!

Anita Cheung

I am a fourth year bioengineering major, adventure junkie, and neophile from sunny San Diego. I live to learn new languages, fun trivia, and partake in all interesting facets of life. When I have time, I like to attempt cooking traditional cuisine, traveling, meeting people, and reading. Otherwise, I spend my time working as a Peer Adviser, and in research. Ask me about my experiences because I would definitely love to learn about yours!

Anna Garachtchenko

Hi Everybody! I am a 4th year BioE major. I was born in Russia but grew up in Mountain View AKA Googleland. I'm a fan of Harry Potter and Sherlock and Avatar: The Last Airbender among other things. I love food and sleep so if you know of any good places to eat around Berkeley lemme know!

Aniket Ketkar

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Hey! I'm a third year EECS and Statistics major from Minnesota. I love home remodeling, cooking, and playing tennis (hit me up!). Shoot me an email if you need anything!

Jeffrey Kurohara

Hi friends! I am a fourth year mechanical engineering major from Thousand Oaks, CA. I’m president of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Berkeley, and I enjoy aerial photography and model aircraft. I like to get my hands dirty building things and taking them apart; for my research I design cockroach robots and drones. Outside of engineering interest, I do hip hop dance in AFX. If you like planes, robots, or dance, hit me up!

Erwin Sutiono

Hello! I am a 4th year Mechanical Engineering major, interested in orthopedic biomechanics. I am originally from Indonesia, and have been in the States for 3 years now. I am an avid football fan (yes, the real football) and a supporter of Manchester City. I also enjoy hunting for good food and watching movies. If you enjoy any of the above, don't be shy, come and say hi!

Tiffany Hou

Hello friends! I'm a second year Mechanical Engineering major from SoCal. I'm always down to go on an adventure and eat, so hit me up! Some of my hobbies include Yelping, film photography, Chinese lion dance, and tennis. If you ever want a buddy to chat with, I'll be there for you. :)

Hillary Chen

Hi, I am a fourth year bioengineer from Michigan. Outside school and ESC, I like running, hiking, tree climbing, and skateboarding (though I have yet to own a skateboard). I am also an avid fan of puppies, poprocks, and board games. I love meeting new people so if you're ever in the engineering library feel free to stop by and chat, as there's always an 80% chance I'll be there.

Engineers Week

Nasir Merchant

Hey, whats up y'all? I'm a sophomore pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. I was born in Mountain View, CA, but raised in Overland Park, KS, so I call the bay-area my home away from home. At Cal, I am treasurer of Chem-E-Car and the Chemical Engineering Consulting Group as well a member of AICHE. I love to watch and play soccer, and am a huge fan of cars and car culture. When I am not busy, I like to try out new and weird recipes, watch the latest episodes of my favorite TV shows (Silicon Valley & House of Cards), and travel with my friends.

Kanak Kapoor

"Hey! I'm currently in my second year and on course for the Mechanical Engineering + Materials Science and Engineering joint major. Although I am from Mumbai (India), I have had the pleasure of living in China, Myanmar, Nigeria, and now the United States. In addition to the ESC, I am a council member of the Indian Students Association and a representative in the Student Relations Committee of the College of Engineering. It is my goal to help improve the student experience on campus, especially in COE. So please feel free to reach out to me if you have any concerns/comments/recommendations regarding our university."

Annie Pan

Hi all! I am a second year Chemical Engineering major from Pleasanton, CA-just 45 minutes away! Pluviophile, wannabe professional baker/cake decorator, bibliophile and do-er of arts and crafts. I love chemistry, volunteering, kayaking, puzzles, knitting, doing cartwheels on Memorial Glade, and eating. I am also involved in SWE and AIChE. Feel free to talk to me about anything and everything!

Eranda Bregasi

Hi everyone! My name is Eranda and I'm a second year student majoring in Computer Science. I love programming, playing the piano and traveling. Outside classes, I'm also involved with the CSUA, IEEE, Berkeley Project, Orchestra and Tennis at Cal. On my free time, I really enjoy reading, playing the drums, skateboarding and taking naps. I love meeting new people so feel free to reach out to me whether you want to study at Doe's Library or just hang out and grab boba! Super excited to work with the ESC on EWeek!!

Corporate Committee

Vatsal Patel

I am a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering here at Cal. I mostly grew up in Qatar, but I am originally from India. In my free time I enjoy hiking, playing music, and watching soccer. I love being a part of the engineering family on campus and I am excited to work towards making that experience better for all of us!

Abigail Jacob

Hello there! I am a second year Materials Science and Engineering student most recently from Pasadena, California. I've lived in many different places from little towns like Kapolei, Hawaii to cities like my new second home in Berkeley, California. No matter where I go, I always love to learn about each place's academic, culinary, and social culture by through laughter and conversation with it's citizens and visitors. So feel free to say hi, grab coffee, share a joke, and have a conversation with me if you see me around Berkeley!

Vineet Jagadeesan Nair

Hello! I am a second year Mechanical Engineering and Economics major from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have also lived in India and Bahrain. I'm really interested in the areas of sustainability, efficiency, cleaner technologies and energy economics. Apart from ESC, I'm involved with the ASUC and work as an undergraduate student instructor and Residential Sustainability Program (RSP) Coordinator. In my free time, I enjoy playing intramural tennis, volunteering, reading, watching funny tv shows and meeting new people!

Stephanie Liu

Hey everyone! I'm a second year Materials Science & Engineering student interested in everything and anything STEM. Growing up in the Bay Area (Danville represent!), Berkeley has always been my dream school, and here I am! Being at Cal while being part of such an integral student-led organization has been an amazing experience. Besides juggling academics, I love meeting new people, volunteering, eating, playing an intense game of basketball/tennis, watching pro/collegiate football and basketball, improvising on the piano, reading up on recent, cutting-edge research in science and tech, and just hanging around the Bay!

Charlene Shong

Hi, I'm Charlene Shong, a second year mechanical engineering major interested in aerospace and bio-mechanical engineering. I'm also involved in PiE and the newly formed UAVs @ Berkeley, and I enjoy attending the various engineering events hosted throughout the year. Besides that, I love playing games on my custom built desktop or PS3, watching movies with friends, and learning martial arts. I appreciate Cal a lot for the great friends I have made in such a short time while here, and the uniqueness of the campus which has allowed me to experience college in the best of ways.

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