Blue and Gold Launch Email (NOTE: Applications for this year have closed)

Dear Student Leaders,

We are proud to launch Blue and Gold Certification, a major step towards a healthier and stronger engineering community at Berkeley! Centered around three core valuesーequity and inclusion, safety and integrity, engagement and transparencyーthis program will function similarly to how ESC affiliation has operated in the past, with several major improvements. The scope and scale of the program have increased, which means more benefits for participating student organizations, and the application process has been streamlined, which means less stress on each of you.

You probably have several questions, and most of the answers will be found on this website. This is the official Blue and Gold portal for the 2021-2022 school year; all information pertaining to the program will ultimately find its way here. The site is also linked on the ESC website under “Organizations”. On this website, you will also find this document (included below), which is the official outline for the program and the ultimate source of authority for what is required of Blue and Gold Certified organizations. We encourage you to read through this document at your earliest convenience.

The most important thing to take note of now are the immediate requirements for certification. These are outlined in greater detail on the official outline and on the portal, but we have listed them here for your convenience:

      • Submit the Blue and Gold Application (due on August 16th): Most requirements (including logistical requirements and inclusivity requirements) are tied to the information you will provide in this application. Once you submit this application, a spreadsheet tracking your progress with these requirements and others will be automatically shared with you. Again, the ultimate source of information on the requirements of the program is this outline.

      • Attend all Required Trainings: We are only requiring 3 trainings this year (Equitable Strategies, SVSH Prevention, Treasurer), and information about these trainings will be posted on the Blue and Gold portal in the near future. Some of these trainings will take place after the application is due, so if you are planning to attend these trainings, your acceptance into the program will be tentative until you do so.

      • Get your organization’s members to fill out the Demographic Survey: This requirement is still being finalized and will not be due until sometime in the fall. You do not need to worry about this right now.
Finally, we have set up a new email address for all Blue and Gold related questions: Try to use this whenever possible (if you are unable to get a response from this address, please then contact Don’t hesitate to reach out though! You can also expect regular communications from us throughout the summer. We’re very excited about Blue and Gold, and we hope that you will all join!

The Engineering Student Council at Berkeley
Engineering Student Services