Frequently Asked Questions

A: Getting involved in student organizations can help students pursue what they are passionate about while also developing teamwork and leadership skills. You can find a list of all student organizations at You can find engineering student organizations on the ESC website under the organizations tab. To hear about organizations in person, check out club fairs held at the beginning of each semester.

A: There are many ways to learn about different majors and concentrations. Engineering Student Services (ESS) hosts an event every semester called “Major Madness” for students to talk to their peers and help them decide which major best suits their interests. Another way to learn more about different majors is to talk to upperclassmen in a major you are interested in exploring, or by talking to your advisor.

A: A great resource to check out is the “Four Year Degree Plan” mapped out for each major. Make sure to keep track of the major, college, and campus requirements when deciding what classes to take each semester. The Berkeley Course Catalog has all courses listed for each semester and is a good way to learn more about different courses. There are also peer advisors at ESS to help answer any extra questions.

A: The Center for Access to Engineering Excellence (CAEE) in 227 and 240 Bechtel is a study space that offers drop in tutoring services for many core engineering courses. Check out the CAEE course tutoring schedule to see specific hours for different courses. Office hours are another helpful resource to get extra help, ask questions, or engage in course material.

A: Your ESS advisor can help you navigate degree and graduation requirements, academic procedures, and offer guidance and support. Each department also has advisors to help students with programs, facilities, and research opportunities. Peer advisors can give personal advice based on their perspective about topics like how to choose electives and juggling classes. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has an office in ESS and counselors are here to talk about any personal, professional, or academic concerns. There are walk-in hours, or you can schedule an appointment during the week. The Tang Center also offers counseling services.

A: The weekly ESS newsletter provides up to date information about important deadlines, workshops, and numerous opportunities. Your advisor or department may also have weekly emails/newsletters, so make sure to check your inbox for new information.

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